We made this short portrait of Mandela Antone, two weeks before he became Dutch National Champion in the category 70kg max. When asking Muna if he knew somebody with a good character face, to shoot a short with, he came up with Mandela. His name and profession was reason enough to do some research on him. He is truly an inspiring young man with obviously great talent. This short portrait is just a visual introduction of him, but I think he would be a good subject for a longer documentary. Who knows;-)

Directors: Danny Stolker/ Muna Baradi
Dop: Danny Stolker
Gaffer: Marvin Braafheid
Edit: Muna Baradi/ Danny Stolker
Sound: Muna Baradi

- Sony fs700
- Metabones Adapter
- Canon 17-55mm f2.8
- Canon 50mm f1.4
- Alphatron EVF
- Redrock micro shouldermount.
- 2 LED panels
- 1 LED camera light

We shot this, with the gear listed above. At the time I did not know how to get preview to the EVF while shooting in S&Q mode so for the slowmo parts I used the camera's lcd, which made it quite difficult to operate because of the placement of the lcd and because of the fast shutter used for shooting high speed. This makes the image harder to judge anyway but on the camera lcd it was almost a matter of guessing if you are sharp.

We wanted to use the kickboxing footage to tell different sides of his story/character. This why we shot different frame rates and shutter speeds. Obviously the slow motion footage is more poetic and supports the personal side of the story. Plus it's just cool to see the muscles, sweat and facial expressions as slow motion a possible.. haha.. We also shot some footage at 25fps with a shutter of 1/200th to show the intensity, speed and power of his kicks and punches. And some of the footage was just 25fps with 1/50th shutter to add some realistic/documentary feel to the piece.

The iso was set at 640 for the "normal" speed/ shutter shots and the slow motion (50 and 200 fps) shots done with the 50mm 1.4. And for the slow motion shots with the f2.8 lens we set the iso to 1600. I noticed that the fs700 is quite noisy in general, but do-able (especially being lit with just two Led panels for high speed shot of a dark person against non lit white wall). But one thing that i did not expect was that the noise increases when shooting higher frame rates at the same iso. So the resolution stays 1920x1080, which is great, but the camera does seem to do something with the way the image is processed while shooting high frame rates.

For grading we just used a simple 3 way color corrector in fcp7 for some minor tweaks in color balance and we did apply Neatvideo to almost all shots, especially the slow motions, because they where noisier. The camera's codec in general is ok, but when you shoot difficult situations such as the white wall, we tried to hide by not lighting it, the codec falls apart and you get ugly artifact.

Overall the fs700 is a nice cam, well built and easy to use. Don't know if I would buy it, but it is cheap to rent so I do this quite a lot.


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