Another hassle free recipe from Hassle Free Recipe. Actually, this is the first.

Produced for my BA, not so much briefed, but inspired by the word “recipe.”

I’m partial to a good crumble, but never knew how to make one. I thought it to be more effort than I discovered. I often find recipes tedious to look at. To overcome my own fear, and to bring some aid to those also in my crippling position, I decided the rulebook needed to be rewritten.

Measure by eye, serve more than four, do it rough, who cares about scales and aprons. The above shows you what to do and in what order. Just cook, dammit!

Produced using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects CS6
Typeset in Raleway (The League of Moveable Type) and Sofia (Latinotype)
Soundtrack is English Country Garden (Original MIDI author’s name not found, mixed and mastered by myself)

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