still got to maiden the Boeing 727. probably the new year now.but in the meanwhile just messing with the old delta. this is the mk1 Stardelta. i think i may have found a way to cut down the motor noise .. but i still need to upgrade the motors and esc,s on them all.
today i was testing the mods out on the mk1. there are still issues using the JP esc.
ive had to fly with the motor idleing in order to get a good throttle response. seems the only way i can get a decent respose.
the delta re balanced was great ... but it was very cold and i couldnt risk the lack of finger respose on the sticks ... so mediocre flying ... but it was fun.
oh .. and ive fitted throttle stops at both ends of the throttle stick. didnt notice anything unusual .. but then this delta has no rudder.

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