Presented by Luis Quiros, M.P.A., M.S.W. Participants who listen to this webinar will gain an understanding as to why limiting and conducting our social work practice to our understanding and relationships within the laws of the United States prevents us from constructive dialogue and solutions, and keeps us comparatively primitive in imagination, scholarship and building community.
A focus will be to analyze U.S. social, constitutional and legal entrapments, creating consequences and affecting the delivery of justice on all members of neighborhoods viewed as and referred to as “Others”.
“Otherisms” and “sameness” will be discussed historically, economically and culturally in order to clarify why forensic social workers must be at the top of a team responsible for delivery of justice upon all clients denied all or any of the components of what encompasses Human Dignity.
Participants will understand via specific critical narratives, examples and metaphors that our solutions to achieving justice in this complex social climate require greater commitment to the social work values of social and economic justice, empowerment and self-determination.

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