Acid Pony Club Presents Horseplay#3
Arkham - Saturday December 15

Live - Acid Pony Club+Tzu Sing
Djs -Zammo, El’se
VJs - Redscale Studio

Horseplay, third of the name, brings joy, happiness and another set of
horse related pictures and videos, not to mention House Music in all
its different forms. That's what we do.
Acid Pony Club+Tzu Sing is 4 people doing a Live Performance, like a
band but with electronic instruments instead of guitars and such.
Zammo is the man behind, but when the night comes he
becomes the man behind the decks. Kind of like Batman, but not really.
El'se is the latest addition to the Acid Pony family, she is not a
major Batman fan but we love her just the same.
Visuals will be handled by Redscale Studios and they have no official
statement on whether or not they should be using any Batman video.

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