An empty stage. A performer enters. She starts describing a certain picture connecting
it to bits of memory, that are on the first sight just disconnected events
of the past. The attempt of recalling past into present, the attempt of repetition and reliving.
Is the attempt doomed to fail? Nothing can really be deleted from the past but
nothing can happen in the same way again. The stage absorbs the spoken words and
gestures; relics of the past seem to move and find connections on their own, building
up new possibilities independent from the will of the storyteller. The storytelling
becomes a kind of he prophecy of possible futures.

This performance investigate the position of the storyteller in relationship to the
audience, using the theatrical situation as a projection screen for a collective creation.

Concept and performace: Irene Accardo
Directing: Ivona Sijakovic
Mentoring Tim Etchells and Bojana Kunst

First presented in Kampnagel as final presentation to the master in Performance studies, Unviersity of Hamburg 28th and 30th June 2011.
This version has been presented at "Frisch eingetroffen 2012", Festival for young performing arts, at Zeitraumexit, mannhei,m, 6th July 2012.

Camera Florian Koehler, Montage Ivona Sijakovic.

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