Opioid Tolerance - A unique visualization depicting the process of receptor down-regulation and its involvement in the development of opioid tolerance

This is my Master's Research Project that was completed for my graduate degree (M.Sc.BMC) at the University of Toronto, 2009

Committee members:
Supervisor: Linda Wilson-Pauwels, Professor, University of Toronto
Content Expert: Louis Gendron, Professor, University of Sherbrooke
Voting Member: Nick Woolridge, Associate Professor, University of Toronto

This animation describes one particular hypothesis regarding the development of opioid tolerance. The hypothesis supports the idea that a shift in equilibrium between the recycling and degradation of the opioid receptors may result in receptor down-regulation, which consequently results in tolerance.

Autodesk Maya 2009, Adobe After Effects CS4, Photoshop CS4, Soundbooth CS4

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