Process video of the creation of the LimeTree illustration by Paris at SpaceTimeDesign.
Screen capped and chipped 45 minutes down to 45 seconds - enjoy.

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Sunday's at the Hatchery is a new web series produced by SpacetimeDesign, Khozmic and SnowmanDigital.

Episode one - LimeTree, evolved from some impromptu footage of Paris from SpaceTime playing a tune on his ukelele one Sunday - as friends came and went on a sunny spring day. We were looking through the footage and thought it would be a fun video to show our friends, we passed on the video to Khozmic to see what he thought and within a day he had sent back a remix of the audio - sampling Paris's ukelele performance as one of the loops. We grew the video a little bit adding in other footage from the day and eventually added a bit of process video with Paris drawing up an illustration for the title.
Look forward to the next Hatchery vid - episode two - Gore Bay.

LimeTree is a artistic collaboration of Music, Illustration and Video. We believe the process of creation is just as important and interesting as the final product.

Music | Khozmic music

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Illustration | SpaceTimeDesign

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Video | SnowmanDigital

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Shot on Canon 600D / Rebel T3i.
Music made on Native Instruments Maschine

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