This is the Break Down for my RainGuard Project, Showing some of the work behind the trailer and two episodes I did for the student design competition, AgIdeas NewStar 2013.

So around this time last year I started off with a simple camera tracking project that led to my DreadNaught approach video, unfortunately i could not make it in time for NewStar 2012 and did not meet the requirements of 3 pieces as well so i decided not to enter. I then decided to work on a bigger piece while expanding on this to help learn some compositing and 3d techniques. The expansion phase of the Rainguard Project came to an end in October when entries for NewStar were due. And as I promised alot of people I would put together a simple breakdown if I made the Shortlist, which I did. Fingers crossed about winning.

All of what you see here is self taught work, my university is to busy teaching me Flash at the moment, as that bores me I come home and in my free time learn as much as possible about my field thru projects like these.

Audio Credits:
Artist: Nero
Title: Symphony 2808

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