Original composition including arrangements of found poetic recitation on maqam Lami (as sung by Mishary Rashid Alafasy) and a violin taqsim on maqam kurd (as played by Saad Mahmoud Hassan).

A contemporary/experimental electroacoustic and visual exploration of being silent / silenced: knowing whether one has chosen to be silent or has been subliminally assimilated into silence.

ما زَلَّ ذو صَمْتٍ
و ما مِن مُكْثِرٍ إلا يَزِلُّ
وما يعابْ صَموتُ
إنْ كانَ مَنْطِقُ ناْطِقٍ مِن فِضّةٍ
فالصَمْتُ درٌّ زانهُ الياقوتُ

Never humiliated/mistake that who is silent
And no one keeps [speaking or talking] unless stumbling (or making mistakes)
And his silence (the silent person) is never shamed
So if the logic of a speaker is like silver
Then silence is a gem decorated with pearls

(thank you to Mohamed Youssef and Nawres Al-Freh for their help translating this poem into English)

music and visuals by ambersound

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