*** re-re-up fixing the CS6 "digital rain" issue, finally, with 5DtoRGB transcoded media ***
** re-upped to fix gamma problem **

I trekked up to OK to go trick-or-treating with my niece and nephew this year. I like scary movies and all but this, to me, is what makes Halloween such a fond childhood memory. Dressing up in something fun and going door-to-door for free candy.

This, to me, is what Halloween is all about. I figured, what better way to enjoy it but combine my love for this day, enjoy time with the kiddies and make a little love letter to the '70s and '80s scary movie, which was usually filmed in glorious anamorphic. Before the dark times. Before the suits and the bores convinced most of Hollywood that it didn't matter.

Camera: Panasonic Lumix GH2 (stock firmware)
Lenses: Nikkor 24mm F2 + Century Precision Optics Anamorphic
S8/16-Style Pistol Grip + Eyepiece: P&C and Carry Speed
Editing: Premiere Pro
Finishing: AfterEffects + FilmConvert (Kodak 5207)

I never used my Tokina achromat at any point here. I still hadn't reliably fashioned a mount for it (the Century is one of Sony's bayonet mount on front). Also, what you see here has mild LCE (local contrast enhancement) and what I like to think of as a basic "emulsion pass" through Film Convert. I'd consider this a digital equivalent to a "one light" print. In other words, this isn't really color timed.

I'm really happy with how this turned out. That 24mm is a nice lense when paired with the m43 aperture size thanks to the anamorphic adapter. It's surprisingly detailed even without the diopter. The neighborhood where my niece and nephew's family live have all brick houses, due to tornadoes, so that plus the well-manicured lawns gave near constant reference for the kind of detail the camera + lens combo was picking up. Everything has a fine texture in this video, from the location to the costumes and interior wall treatments. It was fun to shoot and incredibly useful reference after the fact.

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