Misery Connoisseur - MC 1 of 4: James Prevett. Porousness part 1

Poroussness is a 3 part, 3 media work by James Prevett. Part 2 is in print inside Misery Connoisseur Magazine, released Dec 14th. Part 3 was aired on 28kbps Object, Or-bits.com on basic.fm on the 22nd October 2012.



Misery Connoisseur collects the scrapings of a post-cynical generation and smears it on gloss
- Richard Parry, The Hayward Gallery

MC is a bi-annual glossy magazine art publication that curates the visual and theoretical artwork musings of up to 30 creative practitioners in print only.

MC Online showcases 30-second adverts video commissions from featured artists within the magazine. Skype becomes the template fictional toolbox to transmute the recorded image.

MC Live operates between the lines. The launch event provides a space to act out the private view. Leading up to each issue contributors to the magazine perform negotiate their work outside the confines of the printed page.

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