An introduction to Los Angeles artist Juan Carlos as he creates mixed media works and talks about his creative process and influences.

In his own words,
"Today I decided that my “Artist Bio” isn’t to read like an epitaph. After all I am 39 years alive, freshly married and the proudest father of one sleepless Baby Girl. I was hooked on art at a young age. Introduced to Mexican art as a child by my Grandfathers stylish collection and later encouraged to stay hooked by my parents.
All of my studies though informal have come from California public schools. With a bitter sweetness I look back on all the typing and math I could have taken instead of advanced ceramics. I did end my studies with a Mighty B.A. in Public Art.
My biggest returns have come from Art installation. I’ve installed retail windows, fine art and just about anything a screw can hold to a wall.
The fine art side of what I do is more personal. Though the right word eludes me- alchemy, tinker, grandeur come to mind. The work seen in this video are sketches or treatments of sorts. As you’ll notice the large canvases hanging in the background are blank. This is neither a coincidence or new. The pieces in this video are all 5 hours or so from being done, it could take months.
Thanks for watching…jc"

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