In the past 4 years, the UMBC Vegetarians have been very active in creating several dining options available to both Vegetarian and Vegan students on campus. With a fixed presence in the Student Dining Committee the organization has provided for the campus-wide availability of items such as soy milk and veggie burgers, created a hot-bar of Vegan-friendly options at True Grits, have made Vegetarian/Vegan dining options pamphlets available at every dining facility on campus and, most notably, have established Fresh Fusions, the new Vegetarian/Vegan eatery in the University Commons.

They are now ready to take things to the next level with the implementation of Meatless Mondays at UMBC. Chartwells, the dining service at UMBC, has competition from Sudexo, the preferred dining service of many surrounding college campuses in the area. So why is this important? Well, all of Sudexo’s locations currently are invloved in the Meatless Mondays program and the UMBC Vegetarians would love to persuade Chartwells to implement a similar program at UMBC in the near future.

This project was created for the UMBC Vegetarians


ART 395 - Television Production Techniques I

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