Step by step instructions on how to install to a bone-stock arDrone.

And how to rip it appart to save weight if you want to do so. I do not particularly recommend taking too much material off your arDrone, but here it is shown in details how it is done.

Weights. Yes lets talk putting the arDrone on a diet. how much fat did we loose in the video.?
Removing the top deck metal and bottom lid as shown in the video saved:
including indoor hull saved 82 grams
including outdoor hull saved 51 grams
The Hero3 camera weigh 76g + 12g for the mount kit = 88g installed.
So after removing the bottom cover and the metal top and bottom parts, the arDrone have only a net weight gain of 6 grams over a stock drone flying with the indoor hull. you could cut a bit off the tail and the nose to save another 10 grams.. but even without doing that, the stripped arDrone with the Hero3 and lightweight mount kit flies quite OK.

IF you cut short the nose, peel off the camera, cut the nose and stick the arDrone camera back. DO NOT CUT the cable to the arDrone camera, as the arDrone will not work without the camera in installed.

These mounts are designed in California and available on ShapeWays.
GoPro Hero3 mount for arDrone 2.0 -
GoPro 1+2 mount for arDrone 2.0 -
ReplayXD mount for arDrone 2.0 -
GoPro 1+2 mount for arDrone 1.0

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