Agency: Silver & Partners

Resn's Role: Game Mechanic, UX, Design, Prototype, Development(In Conjunction with Apple)

Silver + Partners tasked us with helping their client Ben & Jerry’s release a new Greek Frozen yogurt onto the market.

The brief was to create a fun taste test game for Ben & Jerry’s, playing off of the insight from Silver + Partners that the ice cream chain’s in-store taste tests were hugely popular. What if you could translate this feeling of excitement to a mobile device?

Enter the “Ben & Jerry’s Virtual Taste Test,” a fully interactive game experience that takes place entirely inside an iAd. Users were asked to snap a picture of themselves, add some “wacky” hand-illustrated lips, and then play a game where the goal was to virtually taste all four of the new flavors of Greek Frozen Yogurt. We tapped into the power of the hardware, using user movement (and their accelerometer) to aim the spoon and a flick mechanic to deliver the frozen yogurt to your face. If you aimed incorrectly, the froyo wound up on your face, triggering a funny voice over snyced with the lip animation. You making fun of yourself.

At Resn we designed the game mechanics, the entire interface, a slew of unique lip assets and built the game prototype for Apple to follow in their development of the final ad.


-Mobile iAd display advertisement.

-A full game experience inside a mobile banner.

-A mobile ad that taps into the power of the hardware.

-Fun and playful way to experience the product virtually.

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