Klip Collective: Meadow 1.0
Onto an undulating mist of smoke, Klip projects images of glowing, flowing dots and other graphic elements that evoke the patterns and movements of hundreds of fireflies. An audio track of crickets and other insects accompanies this display. The audio and visuals begin as organic elements, imitating the natural world; but as time passes the sound begins to oscillate and pulsate as the firefly-like elements in the video line up in moving geometric patterns. After a period of intensely choreographed audio-visual activity, the sound and visuals again begin to mimic the natural world, at which point the loop begins again.

Curated by Data Garden
October 14th, 2012
Bartram's Garden, Philadelphia

Camera by Zac Rubino
Sound by Stephen Gardner
Edit by Alex Tyson

More info on The Switched-On Garden: datagarden.org/5665/the-switched-on-garden-002/

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