playing Salavan the Dark Chemist, in Nikki Wallin's apocalyptic pilot The Children of Pellah


Pellah, The most bloodthirsty immortal ruler is now dead. Her army has now been depleted and two armies are left in an unstable treaty. For the past 2000 years these immortals have taken claim over the human race behind closed doors. They have control all the way up to the most influential politicians and highly guarded secret services. They have the biggest advancements in warfare, cures, and technology, deciding when it is appropriate for human release.

The longest living have developed god complexes and sensitivity slowly falters. It's an inevitable disease they don't care to aid. Logic becomes more apparent than feeling.

A young girl enters this world who could be Pellah's identical sister, but with blonde hair. The likeness is astonishing, however, her memory holds no recollection. Some loved Pellah, some hated her. Her fate has yet to be decided. Can she aid Keira, the now oldest living, in her fight against Salavan, the only other existing Nemesis? Or will the thoughts and memories return to this vessel and kill her own saviours?

The only enemy of innocence... is time.

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