First snow of Winter. First snow at new Home.

Commemorated with time lapse, muzak and editing. Made in the Reverse Voyeur style where the camera turns outward and becomes a kind of cinema veritae - a True Camera here screened to reflect the (self) voyeurism that underpins this piece and , hopefully, redirects the perspective toward the viewer (Camera True) wherein they might see themselves in their reaction to this adoration of a most mundane task.

The point is mindful snow shoveling. I find that the repetitive nature of rearranging frozen rain at the physical level is a very good complement to meditative states. Breathing is one aspect but the structure and function of the act itself offers a direct connection to the survival instincts and ritual solutions that apparently have brought humans to this place and point. D. Okar captures the trance state in the score. Although the muzak may have preceded the snow storm and video so who can say whom has captured which? We are virtually almost identical anyway. Why quibble?

Shoveling snow in an urban setting is a relatively short-term task that offers immediate improvement of personal and community space. It also provides a demonstrably better pathway to the the next day - literally and at multiple levels, including human mobility. Snow shoveling has great potential to set off powerful feed-forward switch mechanisms because many others are enacting the same ritualized survival plays at every level of human social and economic organization. This collective effort coinciding at a particular moment is a massive power ready to be tapped pr dissipated. We routinely use it to apply corrective measures, rebuild, and slide everything carefully away from the slipperier slope yet again.

That moment is slowed (frozen) here I hope. The moment just after the Major (Minor) Event when the probabilities rolling our future are ever so slightly and significantly awry and ajar. Now, even the illusion of time (disjointed here) will allow for causation and intent.

Keep that in Mind and Envision a center that much closer to the shape of your heart so that when Chaos comes down you can hold on to what you have seen and keep dreaming forward. Lean into Shadow while craving the Light.

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