In this video I briefly discuss how to make a giant ring light out of PVC and Christmas lights.

It is not step by step, but a basic understanding of how I made it and what footage could look like if you were to use it yourself.

Items you will need:

Measuring Tape
Saw (to cut the PVC Pipe)
2 – 5ft Sections of 1/2" standard PVC pipe
1 – 1/2" "T" PVC connection. (3-way connector)
8 – 1/2" 45 Degree PVC elbow connectors
Approximately 800-1000 Christmas Lights (white or color of your choosing)
Rubber Band
Extension Cord
Medium to Heavy Light Stand with 5/8" Stud on Top . (5/8" is a standard mount on most light stands)

How to Build:

1. Cut 1/2" PVC Pipe Into:
3 – 18" sections (Top bar and your sides)
4 – 8" sections (Corner Sides)
2 – 8.5" sections (Two Bottom Bars to Connect to the "T" / 3-way Connector)

2. Connect the pieces in their proper places using the 45 degree elbow connectors to make a circular shape or an octagon if you will. The "T" / 3-way will be at the bottom between the two 8.5" sections with the open end facing down to use as a mount to the light stand.

3. Carefully start wrapping the lights from the bottom near the "T" / 3 -way Connector with the Male Plug from the Christmas lights easily accessible for an extension cord. Wrap the lights as close as you can all the way around the piping until it is completely filled. Try not to overlap the lights. If you loop them close enough you should be able to cover most of the PVC.

4. Be careful when moving the ring light once it is constructed. It can come apart and lights can break, so be cautious when setting it down or setting it up.

5. Place cloth over 5/8" stud on the light stand (this is a standard mount on most light stands) and wrap with a rubber band to hold in place.

6. Carefully place the ring light onto the light stand and check to see if you need more cloth to keep it snug on your light stand.

7. Once it is secure, plug it in and have some fun!

If you have any questions, email me at:

Please be careful when cutting the PVC pipe and when using the ring light. It is collapsable, so make sure you have it set well onto the light stand before beginning any filming. I wouldn't want a subject to get banged on the head with it or see lights break. Use at your own risk.

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