"The adventures of Mr Ultralux" is an excerpt from a longer film.
Inspired by the Nouvelle Vague film movement, long time ago, a bunch of film students created a short fim. There, a man and a woman talked about their lives and desires inside a surrealist context; and when they realized they had really nothing interesting to say, they decied to go to a commercial break. What they never imagined.. is what happened:
The lives of the cast and crew changed forever.
It is said that the spirit of Caravaggio appeared, and kidnapped the main actress into one of his paintings.
It is also said that the main actor, who was dressed like a Superheroe, jumped from the window and ran straight to Barcelona's main airport. Some people said he went to Nepal and became a buddhist monk, some others claim to have seen him in New York City, with a different identity, less hair and more weight.... Part of the team, after the shock, went to work in Television. The truth has never been discovered, yet.

Director & Writer: Marcelo Bukin
Director of Photography: Javier Berrocal Barea
Assistant Director: Irene Lago
Editor: Juan Leguizamon
Music: Afa Nada Delosdiasfeli Ces
Executive Producer: Hector Faver
Producer & Production Manager: Oja Lame Acuerde
Script Supervisor: Siveseste Clipman Dametunombre & Ylopon Go
Make Up & Hair: Segu Roqueras Bonita
Production Company: Grup Cinema Art - Centre D'estudis Cinematografics De Catalunya
Financial Support: Noha Bianunca Unmango
Camera: Sony
Negative: Negativo no habia negativo era tape
Post-production House: Mihabitac Ion
Software: AVID (version Tru Chea Adaseguro 4.3.)
Special Thanks: Mivie Jaque-sta Maslocaqueyo & Mivie Joquelaag Uan-Ta Grandepa

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