After a grueling eight weeks, my visual essay on our indoor skate scene here in Portland, Oregon is complete. I set out to capture and give my viewers a tour of what happens to a city with one of the most vibrant skate communities in the country and the results of 155 days of precipitation a year.

The project was a collaboration of sorts including using the music of Ghost Alien, which includes good friends and Shrunken Head shop owner Justin Hindery.

Interviews with Jennifer Sherowski of Commonwealth and Nordy of The Bridge Club.

Skateboarders Include.
Andrew Adams
Rocco Caravelli
Xeno Miller
Lorenzo Martinez
Alex Schuurman
Michael Davis
Chris "Compton" Nichols
Mark Ventresca
Corby Deglow
Kevin Solomon
Hunter Okano
Jamie Weller
Chris Cope
Stephen Slappe
Charlie Wilkins

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