A little something we learned yesterday after one frustrating hour of trying to create a multiplane camera effect with this panning scene.

As you can see, there are 'motion tweens' happening with the waves, the clouds, characters' ears flappin' etc.

The idea was to add a camera with multiplane set-up by putting bg layers in different z-axis positions, giving depth to the sky, clouds, sea etc. while everything is panning.

What we found was that in setting keyframes on the Camera Peg layer, the multiplane set-up did NOT carry through on the timeline beyond the first keyframe. (!!!!) We couldn't figure out why this was happening.

The problem was due to the motion tweened layers.

In Flash we are used to having looping symbols nested inside a larger movie clip symbol (for 'camera panning'). In TB Animate, the order in which things are done is almost the opposite... The solution to our problem was to set up the multiplane BG and camera first, BEFORE tweening anything.

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