We are very happy to report that we have received funding from the Independent Television Service (ITVS) to create an hour-long documentary for Public Television. The film, also titled This is Where We Take Our Stand, will go beyond the web series, delving further into the lives of the soldiers and veterans who organized and testified at Winter Soldier: Iraq & Afghanistan in March of 2008, and reflecting on its impact two years later.The new film, which we hope will be broadcast on PBS early next year, brings the story of Winter Soldier and the veterans who testified to a huge audience nationwide at a time when it is, ironically and infuriatingly, more timely than ever.

So spread the word, watch the web series if you haven’t yet, and stay tuned!

As testimony continues, the question “What about the Iraqi people?” takes center stage. When you are part of an occupying army and most of them want to kill you, who do you blame? Clifton Hicks recounts a deadly assault his unit made on a civilian neighborhood while struggling with his inability to identify with their pain. Jason Hurd argues, though, that this war will never end until people know the suffering we have brought to the people there. For him, Winter Soldier is a way to apologize to the people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

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