Song: Opaque Drum Solo by Solace from the album Ahsas:

This film is a little bit of an experiment - what would happen if I gave myself 1 week to film, $50 and made the very first thing that popped into my head, no matter how ridiculous the idea, trying to go with the flow, being productive rather than procrastinating, and not over thinking anything (having previously felt constrained through creating a poem in a very strict style, this was a way of trying to clear out the cobwebs).

The result is difficult to explain and quite stream of conscioussness like. It loosely represents how humans are tied to the mechanics of time. We can relive the past through memories, or imagine the future, but our physical bodies cannot stop being a part of the process of time, evolutionary time etc

Creator credits at end of the film.


Festivals etc

The Block Gallery Space, Queensland University, Australia
FMX 2010, Animation, Effects, Games and Interactive Media, Stuttgart, Germany
Chromatose Anymation Festival, Canada
Shanghai World Expo, China
FILE - Electronic Language Festival, Sesi Art Gallery, Sau Paulo, Brazil 2010
Media Centre, Leicester, UK, 2010
PlanetArt Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2010
Atopic Media Festival, Paris, France, 2009
Miami Mini Animation Festival, Miami, USA, 2009
Media Art Institute, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2009
Cambridge Film Festival 2009, Cambridge, UK, 2009
Time, Transcendence, Performance Conference, Monash University, Australia, 2009
Jury award winner at Machinexpo 2009

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