SKIN is a multiscreen visual set based on vintage adult movie footage. The conceptual idea behind SKIN is to use human skin as visual texture for generative animations in order to generate sweaty, hairy, disturbing image worlds. SKIN aims to break with established visual languages, linked to technical preferences of software tools. Instead it longs to create honest visual tension, targeting elementary triggers in the viewers mind in order to adress basic human stimuli. Avoiding flat video loops SKIN develops multidimensional kafkaesk image worlds, draging the viewer deeper and deeper into his own prurience.

At its premiere SKIN was performed across 6 projections, featuring 6 different sound reactive images in HD resolution and 60 frames per second.

Project: SKIN, Multiscreen Visuals
Concept, Programing, Performing: TSETSE
Date: 06/2012
Premiere: Mediaopera, Rinderhallen Vienna, June 8th 2012
(many thanks to Mediaopera Vienna. Please check their website for details)
Audio Track: Audion – Titty Fuck. > Ghostly Records, 2008 (used with kind permission of Matthew Dear)
CI branding: LWZ (Stefan Salcher, Tobi Schererbauer)
Video Editing: Eyup Kus
Visual Video Footage: found footage, vintage pornographic movies
DJ appearing in the Video Clip: Kevin Saunderson

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