Octopus bimaculoides and its close relative species Octopus bimaculatus are ubiquitous companions to divers in Southern California waters. Both species are distinguished by the beautiful iridescent blue eye spots they display to potential predators. We filmed a great example of this behavior by a bimaculoides at 1:45 in the video. The eye spots can be turned "on" or "off"; at 1:14 an animal moving in the open with eye spots "on" tucks itself into a crevice. You can see the blue eye spot disappear as it adopts the color pattern of the surrounding cinderblock structure. When viewed from above the structure is surrounded by a field of ejected shell fragments. The Octopi living in the cinderblocks have been feeding well on the yellow rock crabs and bivalves in the area. We spotted nearly a dozen large adult Bimacs in and around the blocks. Previously we had only seen juvenile octopi at this site; the sight of so many large adults was quite special.
[taxonomy:binomial=Octopus bimaculoides]
[taxonomy:common=two spot octopus]

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