This video is one in a series of the Traveling Stanzas project which is a collaborative effort between the Wick Poetry Center's outreach program and the Glyphix design studio at Kent State University.

Blooming Thoughts

In the morning carrots scream like alarm clocks

Marigolds spin their tops in the sun

Their seeds dance on my fingers like fish bones

Bean vines sway like hammocks

While dinosaur kale roars in the wind

Red hot peppers rule with spicy tongues

And zinnia umbrellas line up like lightning

Bean seeds, soft and slippery

Ride down the river in purple canoes

Fresh broccoli makes a dark forest for dreams

And peaceful buds burst open

My garden is a health place to be

Where the leaves are put together

Like the pages of poetry

And I am blooming too

Poem by 3rd grade students at Holden Elementary School, Kent, Ohio

Design by Cody Wallis
Animation by Alex Kurr
Kent State University students
School of Visual Communication Design

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