Director : Maxime Bruneel
Production: Chez Eddy & Splash Prod
Producers Nicolas de Rosanbo & Gauthier Splash
Production assistant : Juliette Delestaing
Director of photography : Luis Arteaga
Subimagery operator : Didier Noirot
Camera assistants : David Foquin and Grégori Gajero
Wardrobe : Mathilde Coustou
Agency: La Chose
Creation director : Pascal Grégoire
Copyrighter : Mickael Krikorian
Art director : Alexandre Fort
TV producer : Nicolas Buisset
Account manager : Elsa Magadoux
Head of ommunication : Barka Zerouali
Actor : Fouad Zarrou
Rescuers : Rached Mahjoub, Virginie Pawlicki, Anne Maury, Alex Boscari, Ben Cippa, Julien Alias, Franck Levasseur, Catherine Barucq, Patrick Napoli, Jacques Noel
Head of apnea club : Cédric Palerme
Head of diving club : Sylvain Hudry
Safety divers : Philippe Meest, Pierre Arsenne, Stéphane Perbal, Olivier Galba
Post-Production : Chez Louis / Chez Eddy
Post-Producer : Anne-Lise Mallard
Editing and color grading : Manuel Coutant
Visual Effects : Guillaume Riboulet
Music : Stephen Warbeck
Programmation : Kirsty Whalley
Guitars : John Parricelli
Sound engineer : Nick Wollage
Sound producers : Fabien Carrouge - George and Jerry
Studios : Badje - Paris / Air Studios – London
Sound mixing : Olivier Vehert
Sound editing : Lewis Morison
Thanks to :
Jean-François Bourrel, Céline Sené, Olivier Guedj, Anthony Lestremau, Simon Gadrey, Guillaume Néry, Philippe Veine, Guillaume Allaire, Julie Kayla, Zachary Flauder.

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