Robert McNamara (1916-2009) once asked “How much evil must we do in order to do Good?”

Stiff Kittens' ‘Sky Fall Down’ considers this timely message and questions Mankind's ability to apply its amazing resourcefulness towards both positive and negative goals.

Sometimes we can achieve amazing feats of awe and wonder and yet our history is littered with destruction and conflict.

In classic science fiction texts, the Mankind of this epoch travels through space and lives lives of amazing technical exploration, and yet this innovation has been poorly applied to destructive, not constructive ambitions.

“Think That Bullets are the death of me, Says a Lot for Acid Rain” Stiff Kittens, Exposure Music Awards 2009 Winners, ‘Sky Fall Down’

‘Sky Fall Down’ asks the question 'What do we do with this precious world of ours next, personally, collectively, and globally?'

Purchase the album 'while you were asleep, we changed the world' on iTunes now.

Directed by Andrew Nicholas for

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