‘I have trained myself to be able to turn a narrative into an image’

Dan and Lia Perjovschi have been involved in the development of experimental art in Eastern Europe since the 1980s, forging challenging forms of visual expression and analysis of mass media.

Last month we interviewed Dan and Lia Perjovschi ahead of their joint show at Peninsula Arts, Plymouth University, which closes on 21 December.

The artists, from Bucharest, both started their careers in communist Romania, a place and time Dan describes as very bad. ‘I couldn’t do what I am doing then’.

It was interesting to see how their careers developed following the revolution in Romania, with Lia saying ‘we realised that 15 years of information was missing from our education’. Both artists have developed different yet complimentary enquiries into the way information is acquired, understood, presented and organised.

Lia, who originally started her career as a performance artist, goes beyond the usual exhibition format in Knowledge Museum Kit to create a learning space of open archive plans and timelines of art history and ‘information’.

In News after News, Dan translates everyday life into sharp and ironic graffiti drawn onto the walls of Peninsula Arts Gallery. These images or illustrated thoughts are expressions of understanding, or ‘knowing events’.

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