The work Who’s Afraid of Cuba Knubel? By L.C. von Sukmeister seeks to create a fragmented narrative dealing with auto-histories, artistic self-positioning, political contexts and ideological conditions, languages of power and moral hypocrisy, visibility and distance, in which marginalized inter-net articulations are inter-related in what Brian Holmes calls ‘interscale’ ― the way interconnectedness clashes with different scales, from the ‘intimate to the global by way of the urban, the national and the regional.’

Art Director: L.C. von Sukmeister
Cinematographer: Le Chef du Bureau
Associate Producer: Leopold Chrétien
Set Designer: R. Armstrong, F. Hütte, I. Knoebel
Music: D.L. Soul & M. Parker
Sound Editor: La Chute
Props: I-mini Knoeblchen & Cuba man
Location: Deutsche Guggenheim,
Location Details: Unter den Linden 13, 10117 Mitte, Berlin, Germany
Location II: Studio LCVS
Location Details II: I-net off-space Ste. Anne
Date: 4 July 2009, 9 July 2009
Script: Red Thread- Ein Prolog zur 11. Internationalen Istanbul Biennale
Script Consultant: Video Thread, Tanas, What, How & for Whom / WHW

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