This (plus a pitch bible) was my final for Story boarding.

I loved this project. I really, really did. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland has always been my favorite story, and I'm so happy my professor told me to go for it.

It isn't Alice and Wonderland exactly as the book plays out, I tried to make it my own. I did get a bit of grief from my professor, who told me I was being a bit indulgent with my drawings. I was. I really was. I couldn't figure out how to not make them the best I could, in the time I had. But that checkered table cloth looks good. And it was kind of soothing to shade it all in.

These are all shaded by hand, then put into Photoshop, and adjusted. And then I put them into Adobe Premiere, and made it all an animatic.

Overall, I think I put in at least a good weeks worth of time into this drawing. It kind of felt like it took forever, but looking at the final result, I feel like it was worth it. For a first revision, I'm really happy, and the only thing I would change at this point would be adding more scratch audio.

I ended up loving this project, and am so grateful for Huntington University's DMA department, and that I got to learn how to do this kind of stuff, especially as just a sophmore.

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