Citizens for citizens is a group which promotes less bureaucracy and more democracy in the community. Simply put, our mission is to keep the money and the jobs in our community and to build a bridge between citizens and the local administration, a bridge based on respect, trust and efficiency.
On the other hand, we firmly believe that if the call center will be managed by our community group, citizens’ problems will be more effective solved. In other words, big changes start will small steps made at individual level, by the constituents.
Taking into account what is stated before, we have more than the moral arguments to keep the call center in the hands of the citizens, we have the social and the economic ones too. Moreover, there will not be any language barriers between the citizens and our employees, our personnel has a diverse social background, different ages etc.
All in all, only if we work together, citizens with citizens, we can help to reform the local administration, make the bureaucratic system more efficient and we can achieve prosperity within our community.

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