Original m2ts file is in 1080p with a real 5.1 Dolby Digital soundtrack so download it if you have a hometheater.
Behind the scenes here : vimeo.com/55565683

First and maybe only test at digital effects as I'm not a huge fan of the thing.
This video was made to ask friends to be the godfather/godmother of our second child..
Shooting was done for reaaaaally cheap, using a 20$ green muslin backdrop, lit by 2 25$ 5500K "green lamps", and 2 15$ baby costumes (really bad quality) and an Uncle Milton Lightsaber child lamp.
Editing, VFX and sound editing were done on my sub 600$ 11.6" PC.
As I'm not into digital FX I've never used After Effects, which always seemed hostile to me, so very little things were done in AFX (only the Lightsabers and lasers, the XWing frontshot and the Toys R Us ball integration because it needed motion blur), and everything else was done in Premiere. Now I know I could have done things waaaayyyy faster and much better if I hadn't been affraid of AFX .In the end I like the remaining glitches, they give the video a homemade feel.
A colleague of mine did some color grading using Assimilate Scratch and sound mixing was done on a real world class mixing desk.
Hélas, the only Star Wars sound samples I could find on the internet were reaaaaally bad quality and the final may be a little too dynamic for a web streaming video.

Characters and backgrounds by George Lucas, music by John Williams

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