Standuino frauAngelico
sample based drum synthesizer with microsampling possibilities and step-sequencer
More Info:
video by Felix Hüsken


- sample based polyphonic plaback (6 voices)
- 8 fully adjustable sounds for each preset that can be triggered by midi or by built in sequencer
- microsampling features to adjust the sound ( loop length, shift speed, start, cut)
- bitCrusher, pitchDown, softVolume
- sample rate knob
- step sequencer with record feature, tap tempo, pattern length and shuffle
- it can store 6 double-patterns (32 steps = 8 beats) in each preset
- 4 presets
- jump button
- mute button for individual sounds
- metronome
- optional double pedal input 3.5mm stereo jack connector for shift and monome button
- various sample banks available (TR-808, 8-BIT, BASIC)
- size: 11 x 7 x 4 cm
- 5 knobs
- 3 switch menu buttons
- 4 big performance buttons
- 3 side hack buttons for aditional features
- 1 volume knob
- input voltage: 9V
- MIDI input( MIDI through by special cable)
- jack 3.5mm output

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