Got a chance to borrow an NEX-6 and two new E-mount lenses, the 10-18mm F4 and the 35mm F1.8. Spent an hour or so walking around in the snow, filming whatever I felt like. Very pleased with the latitude of the footage in Portrait Creative Style (with Contrast and Sharpness dialed all the way down, Saturation at default). I added quite a bit of contrast and some saturation back into this footage while cutting, and it's still got very smooth tonal gradation. It held up great and didn't break up much at all as I pushed it during processing. Not sure how it would hold up at higher ISOs, although I imagine it would be a tad nicer than, if not exactly the same as, my NEX-7.

I used a variable ND filter and exposed for 1.7 stops above metered exposure. All footage handheld, shot at 60p and interpreted in Premiere Pro as 24p.

More exciting than the very nice camera (which only falls short in any way I can see by not having a mic input) are the lenses. I'm not a huge ultra-wide lens fan but I always enjoy having one in my hands more than I expect I will, and this 10-18mm is one of the best of its kind that I've ever used, very very sharp. The 35mm is likewise beautiful, very useful, and very compact, and it could easily replace both my Zeiss 24mm and my 50mm OSS. It's that nice.

Music is "Ancient Stones" by Jeremy Soule from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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