Moya Brand and teamed up to showcase Moya Brand Kimono athlete Bill Cooper.

We had the great opportunity to meet up, and spend a great deal of time with "The Grill" over that weekend. What is most striking upon first meeting him is his dynamic personality. He is a man as complex as Jiu Jitsu itself.

Bill is known to be one of the most exciting competitors, mostly because of his kill or be killed attitude. He has beaten many, even world champions, but has not achieved the titles himself simply because he doesn't concern himself with points.

Does that hurt his record? Yes. Does he care? Not really.

It was great fun filming "the grill" and he was a great sport while we got some "tough guy" dramatic shots, well, that is until the guys hanging out watching on the side cracked jokes about "this is how a bad movie starts" or something to that nature.

We will have some VERY interesting give aways from Moya Brand, and hope our Vimeo viewers will follow and friend us on Facebook or Twitter for a chance to win a very BIG give away!

What is Jiu Jitsu like to YOU?

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