Late one night at Romo HQ, Jen, Bobby and Romo test a Lightning to 30 pin adapter.

We parked a new black iPod (Lightning compatible) on top of the robot rover base, using the adapter.

The good news: Romo worked!!! Our board read the signals from the app through the device using the adapter. This is GREAT.

The bad news: The Lollies are vertically challenged when an adapter is in play.

The really bad news: When we drove the robot around for a bit and knocked him into things, the lack of Lollie arm support meant the device was pretty unstable on top of the adapter.

Verdict: We do NOT RECOMMEND using a Lightning to 30 pin adapter on your Romo.

Instead, we're going to burn the midnight oil and prototype a *pure* Lightning version, where we'll rip out the existing 30 pin dock and try to put a Lightning dock in the robot base.

Stay tuned!

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