A trailer for my 2009 documentary on the troubling US human anthrax vaccine program, which continues today, injuring 1 in 3, and crippling 2 in every 1000 US military personnel with severe auto-immune disease, who are forced to receive it without informed consent under Executive Order 13139, signed by President Bill Clinton. A major boondoggle for its single-source, no-bid, no-liability vaccine manufacturer, see my film to see how American scientists stumbled into a way to spend American money making Americans sick for life.

Please support the 2009 US HR Bill 1478 - in memory of Sgt. Carmelo Rodriguez - which will finally grant the right to sue the US government for medical malpractice denied by the 1950 Supreme Court decision Feres v. US. Sgt. Rodriguez died from complications from skin cancer caused by the human anthrax vaccine, BioThrax, which was misdiagnosed by the US Army, while he was stationed in Iraq.

PLEASE support our IndieGoGo campaign to fund completion of the updated documentary "VACCINE SYNDROME" - especially as the NIH attempts to issue contracts for clinical tests on children and pregnant women.

LIKE, SHARE, and contribute to this project HERE: igg.at/me/vaccinesyndrome

Thank you for your consideration!

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