In Ampasindava, a village in Nosy Hara Marine Park the livelihoods of local people depend on the sea; the boy scouts from Diégo-Suarez have worked with C3 to perform a song about the life of sharks and their importance to marine ecosystems. The song is sung here in Malagasy, the translation is given below:

Fisherman catch sharks with nets,
Sometimes they cut off the fins and throw the rest back into the ocean,
That's not good, the sharks start to disappear,
These big fishes want a safe and peaceful life,
If we catch too many, they become endangered,
And that will make our life difficult,
We know we need money to survive but we also have to conserve our natural riches!

Many local villagers attended this performance on the beautiful beach of Ampasindava and now they understand why it's becoming more and more difficult to catch sharks now.

Our awareness work with the Scouts of Diego-Suarez is generously funded by Tusk Trust UK.

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