How to hold the reins when riding
In the following video, we will teach you how to hold the reins in horse riding. She teaches horse riding farm Jenny from Wimbledon will show you how to shorten the long reins.


It is extremely important when first riding lesson is you have to learn how to hold the reins, by the reins connected to the horse's mouth, you will control the horse in hand at the wedding. If picked incorrectly, you may cause the horse pain. First, you have to hold the reins in hand. Then, move the finger to the other side of the wire.

Then, make sure the reins are not twisted. And just like when you hold your cup of tea, turn the hand over and place the index finger on the reins.

The next important thing you need to know is how to shorten the reins. Use the index finger grip the reins face, then slid his hand down and do the same with the reins side. By doing this, you will not loose the reins moment. Now, with the three-point line by the elbow, hand and horse muzzle, you can be ready to ride immediately.

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