4FASHIONSHAKE VI is taking place on December 18, 2012 at the Metal building in downtown Athens.
4FASHIONSHAKE VI is a unique reunion of international fashion designers and artists in an one-off show curated by OZON team.
This edition hosts fashion designers Steven Tai, Carlos Diez Diez and Digitaria, the music ensemble ARETfacts and mezzo soprana Anna Pangalou. The theme for the sixth edition of 4FASHIONSHAKE is "IMPOSSIBLE" in other words it is dedicated to all things not able to occur, exist, or be done. The video campaign is inspired from original NASA footage found by New York based artist Maria Antelman. The filming was done in a studio prior to the actual moon landing in 1969. It is more than obvious that it is all set up, fake... impossible.
Concept by Maria Antelman
Directed by Ilias Dovletis
Music performed by ARTEfacts

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