Look harder.
I made this video to explore how sound can influence the information that our eyes receive.

I filmed it in work (I get easily distracted) when I saw how the particles of steam are perceived through light.
Its a cup of coffee, in a coke cup at the cinema.

There are four main layers of "windy" type sounds. Which I have used to try and create a blend between a water/steam sound, Fire/burning in wind and a sandstorm texture. These are all made by recording different thickness of materials being draged on the floor and across a sofa. Then I eq'd and automated the sounds to introduce the feeling of movement. The fourth layer is a purely atmospheric layer to create space and give an apparent size.

The type and logo was animated with Motion5. I used FCP to pull back the shadows to try and give the clip a bigger feel and make it feel more outside and in the open. Then I brought up the highlights to bring the brightness back into the cup an to focus your eyes in the steam.

Camera: Cannon EOS 650d
Microphone: AKG c414b ULS / Zoom h4n
Filmed in Movieland cinema projection booth

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