Video Recorded: June 18th, 1988
Video Director: Rose Bowl crew
Video Source: PAL VHS tape

Most of you know of the documentary "101", filmed by D.A. Pennebaker. It covers the band on their 1987-88 tour, ending with their final gig at the Rose Bowl.
While the "101" film does not feature the full concert (Pennebaker did not film the full show), we have located a tape of the closed circuit feed of the historic Rose Bowl show. This is the feed that was displayed on the large screens on the sides of the stage. Some might argue that this should have been put on the "101" DVD release. The "101" DVD release was a Pennebaker film release. Mr. Pennebaker did not film this footage.
The video featured here was recorded "live to tape". All "effects", camera changes, and video flaws were recorded in a raw, "one take" mix. For such a historic document, we don't think the occasional flaw will distract from the performances.
The audio for these clips is taken from the officially released "101" album.

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