Nicole McCance was one of the speakers at the Toronto Women's Expo held at Downsview Park, Studio 3, on December 2, 2012. Her presentation was entitled "Need a Mood Boost?" This is her presentation from the show.
Nicole McCance is a fully-licensed, Harvard-trained psychotherapist. She is also an author, speaker, and a Relationship Expert. She is the Relationship Expert on Season 2 of the Cosmo TV show Love Trap. Her new book, 52 Ways to Beat Depression Naturally, will be launched in January 2013.
Topic: Natural Ways to Boost Your Mood
Need a Mood Boost?
Don’t have time or can’t afford to see a psychotherapist to help you cope? Nicole McCance, well-known Psychotherapist will be sharing 3 proven ways to naturally boost your mood, which are excerpts from her upcoming book, 52 Ways to Beat Depression Naturally. These therapeutic techniques are proven to help change the way you think and feel, and to promote a lasting sense of well-being and ease.
The Toronto Women's Expo showcased top sponsors, exhibitors, demonstrations and speakers all geared to the betterment of your personal and professional life through educational and innovative ideas. It was held at Downsview Park, Studio 3 on December 1 & 2, 2012.
Our Vision: Connecting women for empowerment, inspiration and growth.
Our Mission: The Toronto Women’s Expo hosts engaging events that offers diverse resources for women to gain extraordinary value for positive growth.

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