A poetic film about a way to handle our lives, inspired by Bruce Lee.
Narrated by Elon Kinberger.

”Empty your mind.
Be formless, shapeless; like water.
If you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup.
You put water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle.
Put it in a teapot and it becomes the teapot.
Now water can flow, or it can crash.
Be water my friend.”

- Bruce Lee

Written, Directed and Edited by
Jussi Kangas

Simon Linde

Filip Stankovic

Narrated by
Elon Kinberger

Sound Design
Niklas Aldén

Felix Göthesson

Felicia Boudrée

Color Grade
Filip Stankovic

Special Thanks to
Yanto Egerö and Nya Studion
Daniel Eskils
Fanny Edberg

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