I am still exhausted of ceaseless battle of salvation
of my suffers
insanity suffers
wandering father suffers
singing mother
standing at the edge of the room around the city
might running
might knowing
that have made him the slave of this bloodless veins in carpet of green oranges
and in hard effort of pouring out all these sprinkles of suffer can do nothing
hey thunder strike on me
and hey river rise on me
make turbulence
that once again in unique silence, it be the witness of the morn coming out of all these cries
she whom coming after me
drinks and once again shines on me like a yellow tree
you are a complainer hey yellow flower
you are the soul of heveans
if you look at me once I will come
out of the heart of earth
from the bottom of this despicable centuries
I will sing with you
I will speak with you
gone without you

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