[audiovisual performance, custom software, 30min, 2012]

Loci_Palimpsest is an audiovisual performance commissioned by River to River Festival, performed for the first time at St. Paul's Chapel in downtown New York in July 2012. For the premiere the piece utilized a 30' wide three-projection span and stereo sound. Loci_Palimpsest is structured into 6 movements that feature distinct treatments of image and sound performed live via custom software. Various techniques of translation between sound, image and architecture are used, as well as passages of solo video accompanied by silence, and swelling sound accompanied by complete darkness. This piece also features an appropriated clip from Tarkovsky's "Andrei Rublev", slowed down to 10% its original speed.

This short excerpt features only the second movement, "Loci_Palimpsest 02: Elevation", and is 3 minutes in duration.

See still images here --> blakecarrington.com/024.php

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