Turns out, getting the compas accidentally rotated on the craft, can affect the gimbal position. wow, I thought it was entirely motion sensor based. Putting the compas straight did the trick, I turned it about 1/4 turn off angle either direction first and literally then back to the correct angle.. watched the gimbal straighten itself. go figure. Can't be that simple.?
*well it is still leaning a few degrees now and then sooo, guess not quite fixed.
I had hoped to fly without a roll axis on the gimbal, but am starting to think the video downlink and a slider on the TX is going to be the simpler baseline in-flight balancing fall-back... sigh.

Hero3 in the gimbal, 1080p 24fps. pretty noisy but still amazing in that my Hero2 would only have gotten the street lights. nothing to see here but feel free to download if you so desire.

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